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About Us

What is Holbi?

Holbi  is  a  part  of  the Holbi Group of companies - online business development    experts.   For  over  12  years  we   have been helping businesses  of  different  nature  and  various  sizes to grow bigger, become more efficient, more profitable.

We  know  exactly  what  a  business like yours needs to increase your profit,  and  we  are  happy  to offer our best services and solutions today.

What is our Amazon and eBay integration?

Our  first  Ecommerce  integration  with  Amazon  and  eBay  had  been successfully    completed    in   2007.  After  several  hundred  more successful   integrations   we   know  pretty  much  everything  about Ecommerce,  Amazon and eBay marketplaces. Our Link solution used to be a built in module for various shopping carts, however two years ago we came up with an idea of a hosted, software as a service (SaS) solution to  ease  maintenance  and  allow  for  ongoing development of various improvements.

We  support  integration  of  one  or  several  eBay (and / or Amazon) accounts with one or several Ecommerce sites.

How it works?

Holbi's  Amazon and eBay Link is a unique solution. Unlike some of the competitors   we  actually  allow for eBay and Amazon order processing to  take  place in the  back  end  of  your  Ecommerce  web site, just like  you deal with regular  orders.

Of  course  we  synchronize product data and list it on eBay or Amazon market place.

Once  you  have  set  up  the  account  and  configured  it  - you can concentrate  on  your sales and providing your customers with the best service whilst Holbi's eBay and Amazon Link synchronises data.

Who is it for?

Amazon  and  eBay  integration with Ecommerce is for any business that already  has an account with either Amazon or eBay or is only thinking about starting to use those sales channels.

Our  customers  vary  from start ups to well established accounts with over  1,000,000  positive feedbacks on eBay or over 1,000 daily orders on Amazon.

Why monthly fee?

Click here to find our what your monthly fee could be!