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eBay Ecommerce Integration

eBay Marketplace allows businesses to more efficiently have their products advertised and sold online. Many eCommerce website owners also have accounts with eBay Marketplace, receiving orders from multiple channels. Holbi’s eCommerce Development team has identified how to improve online retail businesses by integrating their eBay eCommerce websites together. 

Benefits Of Ebay Ecommerce Integration:

Products can be uploaded from eCommerce product catalogue directly to your eBay Marketplace. Stock levels and product prices listed on eBay are updated immediately according to the corresponding changes in eCommerce

Holbi provides you with an integrated multichannel ecommerce solution, bringing your ecommerce website and eBay store together in one single interface. Our developers use the eBay API to make it possible for you to instantly list your products from your e-commerce website to eBay with the options of “Buy It Now”, bidding, delivery, returns and shipping information. You will have the ability to add or remove multiple products on your ecommerce site and eBay store from one single ecommerce platform. You have a wide range of controls for managing stock and order to accumulate customer details for newsletters.

There are a number of reasons for having eCommerce websites integrated with an eBay store. By having just an eBay store you are only targeting eBay customers with eBay or PayPal accounts. By integrating your website and eBay store into one solution, you and your customers have an opportunity to find all of your products and services in one place. A professional eCommerce solution can show others that you are a legitimate business and have invested in a website with a distinct brand identity. It also brings features, functionality and target audience of both eBay and a professional eCommerce website.