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eBay Order Management

Whether you need a solution to consolidate orders across multiple eCommerce websites, multiple sales channels such as eBay, then we can help. EBay is used by well-known brands to sell old and new products. 
 If you’re selling a lot of items, then it’s hard to keep track of all of them. We have developed an eBay order management system that automatically uploads and downloads your orders and stock, it can even manage the pricing of items over multiple sites. The best thing is that the price and stock level are always correct, despite the sales channel you use.

The eBay order management module places orders in different folders according to the order status. It synchronizes data from eBay database every 20 minutes to keep order up to date. Once status of an order changes, it moves to the relevant folder named "Managed" folder. You can create an "Unmanaged" folder of your own and you can drag to move your outstanding order to "Unmanaged" folder. In this manner, it won't move to any other folder, even status changes until you move it to "Managed" folder manually. Thus, you can track your outstanding order easier. You can also create, edit and manage print templates, message templates, feedback templates and "Export" templates.

If you’re a retailer and selling a lot of stock through eBay, then you will know the process of uploading items and managing all of your stock levels and pricing too. Our eBay order management system can do all these things for you, so that you can  focus on speedy order delivery and increase your business.